The Triumphant Return to VNMP

Date: December 22, 2016

Distance: 27 miles

Total 2016 mileage: 2033

Finally I returned to ride VNMP, and it was glorious!

The day was overcast, but not too cold and not too hot.  Alice and I drove together to the park and met up with Marsha for the ride.

It’s hard to explain the loveliness of riding at Vicksburg.  Traffic is restricted to mostly one way streets, and to a very low speed limit, so cars are not too large of a concern.  I think that mostly it’s just so beautiful.  There are lots of steep climbs and descents, but you are also riding through so many majestic old trees and historical monuments that its easy to feel that you are in a different time.  When you get tired, you can rest by historical houses, read explanations of the battles, or see a gunboat!

And you do get tired.  The climb to the Cairo exhibit is very steep, as is Fort Hill.  Fort Hill is deceptive – there’s a hairpin turn in the climb and you think that you are about to get some flat breathing space, but alas – it is a most disappointing false flat, and the steep climb continues.  But I made it up twice!  The most humorous moment of the day: Alice asked me at the top how I liked climbing Fort Hill.  I gasped out, “Is that what I just climbed?”

I conquered Fort Hill!

After the ride, we went to the Tomato Place to eat.  It’s a combination farmers market and diner, with fantastic fried green tomatoes.  I had to have coffee too, and that was also fantastic!  Off season coffeeneuring!

The Tomato Place loves bikes!

This turned out to be my last outdoor ride of 2016, and it was awesome.


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