Coffeeneuring trip #4

Date: October 28, 2016

Distance: 2 miles

Drink Description: Cafe au Lait with a side of beignets – a Louisiana tradition!

Bike Friendly: Nope

I took this particular morning to engage in coffeeneuring with a side of early voting.  Nothing like fulfilling your civic duties to work up a coffee thirst!

Best sticker!

Originally I had planned to make this trip from my house, but I had an unexpected delay, so I opted to ride from the gym, since I needed to swim afterwards anyway.  I rode to the West Monroe Farmer’s Market and prepared to vote, then caffienate.

The early voting line was suprisingly long.  I waited approximately 45 minutes before I could get coffee.  But the coffee was worth the wait!  Caster and Chicory is one of our local food trucks, and they specialize in beignets and Cafe au Lait.  Voting is strenuous and I had worked up an appetite, so this was all quite good.

I’m about to get fat from riding my bike…

The downside of the two delays came when I tried to ride back to the gym – traffic was thick, and sadly people are not used to seeing bikes in the area around the Farmer’s Market (which makes no sense to me), so it was a nail biter getting back.  The second downside of the delays came when I saw that I was out of time to swim before I had to get to work.  At least there was a bike ride and coffee!


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