Coffeeneuring trip #3

Date: October 27, 2016

Distance: 5 miles

Drink Description: Delicious Heritage Roast with Chicory and Cream

Bike Friendly: Nope

Today was a fun pre-work trip for coffee and biscuits!

Alice and I found out that there would be a popup biscuit shop at RoeLa Roasters today.  RoeLa is the local coffee roaster and occasional coffee shop.  Recently, our local awesome chef Cory Behr has been setting up there in the mornings to serve delicious stuffed cat head biscuits, and we just couldn’t resist.


In case you are wondering about the Southern peculiarity, the term cat head biscuit refers to a biscuit that is larger than a cat’s head.  Typically a cat head biscuit is also more delicious than a standard biscuit, and using the term can cause a Southerner’s eyes to roll back in ecstasy at imagining such delights.  These biscuits did not disappoint!  They were also stuffed with smoked pork loin, and there were various jams that you could put on the stuffed biscuit sammich.  I chose Satsuma Fig, and the biscuit tasted like Thanksgiving dinner.  Such wow.

Yum coffee and biscuits!

The coffee was just as good.  Well brewed with a touch of chicory to make it taste like Louisiana.  The weather was great and the ride was easy and fun.




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