Coffeeneuring Trip #2

Date: October 22, 2016

Mileage: 69.8 miles (No, I did not take the option to lap the parking lot for .15 miles)

Drink description: Surprisingly excellent drip coffee

Bike Friendly: Nope

So for this particular ride, I was invited to join a group in Shreveport for a birthday ride.  One of the members was turning 70 and wanted to ride 70 miles in honor of that milestone.  The route looked neat, and it just looked like a blast overall, so off I headed to Shreveport.

The plan was to meet up with a cyclist friend who lived on the way, and then we would travel together to the destination.  When I got there we loaded up bikes and prepared to set out, except that his truck wouldn’t start.  We putzed around a bit, decided it was the battery, and I offered to jump off the battery from my vehicle.  I pulled up and started up, cables were connected, and the truck still wouldn’t start.

At this point I turned around to see my own battery smoking.

We launched into action like some Keystone Kops, yanking battery cables and watching sparks and smoke fly all over.  Thank goodness that removing the cables made my truck stop smoking.  Time was running short, so we unloaded his truck, loaded up mine, pushed the non-functioning truck out of the driveway, and headed out.  As we drove away in my (no longer smoking) truck, I opined that I would sure like to see his wife’s face when she sees the truck pushed out into the yard and him not around.

Blessedly, that turned out to be the only mechanical of the day.  We arrived in good time, and the cycling fun began!

The birthday boy gave me a rocking keychain!

It was a gorgeous day.  I had to break out the cold weather gear for the first time since last winter, and it was comfortably cool for the first half of the ride, and warm enough to shed the cold gear for the second half.

Nifty historic plantation house on the Louisiana side of the state line

In the second half of the ride, we made it all the way to Arkansas.  It was fun to traverse two states in one ride.

The “county” sign signals that you made it into Arkansas

And what ride is complete without coffee at the end?  We stopped at the Main Street Restaurant at the end of the ride for food and fellowship.  I ordered a burger and a plain black coffee, and both were superb.  How could they not be – they were flavored with earned appetite and good company.

Great place!

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