Big Dam Bridge

Oh that’s right, I started a blog.  Forgot about that….

So I went up to Little Rock this weekend with every intention of riding 100 miles.  Despite not having ridden that far since June due to a nasty crash, I felt good and was pretty confident.

The sleepiest cyclist…

Alas, in the first 15 miles, I could tell that it was probably not going to happen.

I separated my shoulder in the aforementioned crash, and have only recently begun to swim again.  I think that the swimming aggravated my shoulder, because it hurt very badly the whole ride.  When I was presented with the opportunity to drop down to 50 miles, I took it.  On top of all that, it was blistering HOT!  Towards the end of my 50 mile ride, the heat radiating up off of the road pavement felt like an oven.  I had to unzip my jersey so far that I felt quite immodest.  That extra airflow sure did help though.

I got excited to see a Fuji Roubaix like mine!

No century for me just yet, but maybe later in October when the temps drop.  I’m still pleased with 50 miles.  It’s the longest I’ve ridden since June.

I’m also excited about the upcoming coffeeneuring season coming up!  Apparantly I’m the only entrant to date from Louisiana, so I need to be extra fancy and show off all our area coffee attractions!

My coffeeneuring patch!

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